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January 25, 2010
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I miss you by Sweet-Amy-Leah I miss you by Sweet-Amy-Leah
Imagine Cinderella and her life after her father’s death…imagine her life with Lady Tremaine and the two evils sisters…Imagine her broken heart saying: „You were the only one who knew how I felt after mommy’s death….you were the only one who loved me…But now, a part of me is dead too…Why did you have to go too? I don’t need these people, I need you….Who will ever kiss me on the forehead or hold me in his arms? I miss you so much…I miss you…”

I always have to cry when I imagine that when I was little…I always thought that Cinderella had the most miserable life comparing with the others princesses from Disney….The first time I saw this movie (I was about 7-8), the scene where Drizella and Anastasia were tearing into pieces Cinderella’s pink dress…omg, that moment traumatized me completely. They are so ... horrible.
Just…imagine it…imagine how awful would be if you were alone with other people, who don’t even care about you.

my scketch:[link]

Cinderella and her stepsisters (Drizella and Anastasia)©
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IMPERFECTINPINK Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG!this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u plz give me some tips? reply plz!!!!!!
A day after Cinderella III

Anastasia: I am sorry.

Cinderella: If this is about that time paradox and almost taking my true love. Don't worry I am over it. The fairy godmother has her wand back, time is put back to it's proper course, things are back to normal, and the palace has two new housekeepers. Isn't that right stepmother?

Tremaine: That is the last time I depend on my daughters for power.

Anastasia: No not just that, for being a selfish brat, for not caring when your father died, my long overdue condolences by the way, for my part in your abuse, for breaking stuff and blaming it on you, for eating your cookies, for ripping up that dress despite me not needing and originally planning on throwing away that stuff you used for it, for trying to take away your chance at love, for not being more grateful when you hooked me up with that nice baker man, for not staying with him instead of wallowing in the fact I never got Charming, for taking the fairy godmother's wand in the first place, and most importantly for being a bad sister and a total b...

Cinderella: First off please no swearing my mice friends do not like it any more than I do. Second of all it is okay I forgiven once I think I can forgive you again. Third of all that was you who ate the cookies? I thought it was the mice. Sorry Jaq and Gus.

Jaq and Gus: It's alright.

Anastasia: I hope you know I am grateful you let me go free, but what about the house and farm? I you let us keep it last time but...

Cinderella: Since you are the only family member not having to work as a princess or serving time for grand theft magical object and child abuse, I think the only eligible and available owner is you.

Anastasia: Wow, that is generous, thank you. 

Cinderella: Just be sure that if you hire a new servants you pay them and treat them fairly, I know where you live, or if you want one you don't have to pay I got two choices over there.

Drizila: I hate you.

C: I am gonna pretend I did not hear that.

A: I think the palace is much more work and more up to what they deserve.

Poor Cinderella!!!!! I'll hug her so tight and scold these two mean girls!!!! </3
Poor Cinderella:( and I believe that Lady Tremaine murdered Cinderella's father to get his fortune. She, to me anyways, is like a black widow and saw that Cnderella's father was lonely and wanted Cinderella to have a mother figure and she preyed on his weakness and desire and it costed him greatly. I even think she killed him and her daughter's witnessed it, Drizilla would be excited because she is cruel like her mother and would do anything to get the fortune and Anastasia, who is kinder than her family, would be horrified and even feel a bit guilty.
ReapersPromise Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't remember if it was a deleted scene or in the movie but I remember that the dress that they tore up was in fact a dress that had belonged to Cinderella's mother. Cinderella was always my favorite princess and she still is. I remember being a young girl and even crying about her name. When my mom asked me why, I said 'Because she didn't even get to keep her name'. And it's true. Over the years that I think about it, I don't think Cinderella is Cinderella's actual name. I don't know a parent (Especially in that era) who would name her child Cinderella. I think that when she became a servant for her mother and step sisters that they stripped her of her name. The girls probably came up with the name as a way to make fun of their new 'Servant'. Her step mother not wanting anyone of her possible extended family to try to reach into the pot and possibly to ensure that Cinderella couldn't claim her inheritance, probably encouraged the name change. Hence forth she became known only as Cinderella. To me, She struggled the most out of any princess that I can think of (I know Mulan and others but those were more self inflicted, they chose it. Cinderella had it thrust upon her).
I hear that is exactly what they are gonna do in the new movie. It is rumored her original name was Ella(probably why she could adapt to Cinder Ella). Look it up and you see what I mean.
Nice-lee done!
Good concept piece, because it so
well illustrates the contempt which
Drizella and Anastasia feel for their
little stepsister, and gives the viewer a
taste of the suffering she will endure
for the next few years.
The movie never really did this.
You well conveyed the pathos, and
spite ,without having resorted to the DIS-ney cheat of making the elder
sisters look ugly! Bravissimo!
Yes, but Anastasia eventually regretted the way she treated Cinderella. It was shown in the sequels that she had fallen in love with a common baker, but her mom and sister were against the relationship and wanted her to marry a rich man. Jacques and Gus mistrusted Ana's attempt to reach out to Cinderella, believing that she'll hurt her more. However, she gave her stepsister a chance and she showed how much she's changed. With her help, Ana was able to stand up to her family and remain in love with the baker.

I also think Lady Tremaine had a hand in the murder of both Cinderella's parents. I think Disney needs to explore her past in how she became the way she is and how it affected Drizella and Anastasia. If they did a story on Ariel's mother, they can do the same with Tremaine.
Oh je vois que tu as dessiné Anastasie et Javotte.
Tu me donnes un idée.
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